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Sharon Kempton

Life Coaching & Performance Mentoring

Welcome to the first step in taking control of your career! Are you ready to start really focusing on what you want?

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Learn how I can help you achieve your goal

What I can help you achieve

Achieve and exceed your full potential!

Amazing breakthroughs

I help my clients create amazing breakthroughs through transformational coaching.

Unique achievements

I have unique achievements in the area of performing arts and I am dedicated to the results.

Achieve your goals

I help my clients with result orientated action plans to achieve their goals.

Higher level of success

Helping you reach a higher level of success in every area of your life.


What people have to say about me

Undertaking Coaching with Sharon has made a huge improvement to my personal fulfilment and confidence in my own abilities. Over the course of a year, we set very specific goals, worked on my own self limiting beliefs and then visualised achieving those goals. She encouraged me to set my sights higher and to imagine a bigger, brighter future than I had believed possible. One of the goals we set was to double my income by 2020 and this has just come to pass along with a new, fulfilling role at my university that I am absolutely relishing.

Prof. Bronwyn Fox, Swinburne University

Working with Sharon has helped me to discard old emotional baggage, organise my thoughts, and create the steps I needed to take in moving forward. Within a few months I found that my health and relationships had become stronger and I had landed a rewarding new work assignment. I often find myself thinking back to our sessions and am grateful for the exercises we did together and the tools she has given me to live my life with more purpose and joy.

Jessie Kahn-Duve, KahnText Communications Consultants

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Rejection is Re-Direction

Rejection is Re-Direction

What does rejection actually mean to you? And why do we tend to take it so badly? I want to help you reframe rejection as simply being re-direction. If we see rejection for what it is, the dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc, we need never take it personally. We should simply just expect it on the journey to a goal.

A very personal take on Gratitude

A very personal take on Gratitude

Gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful. It’s a readiness to show an appreciation for kindness and to return it. Gratitude is a big part of my life. In tough times gratitude gives me the strength to sustain longevity and helps me to overcome what I first think I couldn’t. Gratitude is a journey.

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