My passion

It is my greatest passion to work with people, and accompany them on their journey to success. My clients have a growth and high-performance mindset and understand that they are 100% responsible for their own lives. They come from all walks of life and include performing artists, leaders, academics, educators, students, homemakers, photographers, and artists. What makes them unique is their desire to excel at what they do, to push their boundaries, and to make use of their full potential as human beings so that they can achieve extraordinary results.

Like me, my coaching clients seek more clarity, more purpose, more authenticity, more commitment, and more passion in their lives. The non-judgmental, trusting coaching relationship I create with my clients, encourages and enables them to discover their unique inner resources and achieve what they most desire.

So, if you are ready to explore and reach your peak potential, let me help guide you in your exciting journey. My mission, with your 100% commitment, is to unlock your greatness, smash limiting beliefs and reveal that you can become wildly successful in every area of your life, now.

Let’s explore your potential together!

I’m here to tell you that more is possible than you even realise.

I am an Australian based in Germany. I work internationally with individuals and groups, in person, on the phone or on-line via Zoom or Skype.

My credentials

I have a double Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy and Music Performance and Master’s Degree from the Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University, Australia. And a Diploma of Life Coaching from The Life Coaching College, Melbourne, Australia. I am the very grateful recipient of many prestigious awards, including The National Liederfest, The German Opera Scholarship (Opera Foundation Australia) and The German Australian Opera Grant. I have been living in Germany since 2002 and have sung as full-time ensemble member of a German Opera house and also as a freelance performer since 2014. A single Mother of two incredible teenagers, I live an exciting and rewarding life as a performer and Coach!

Diploma of Life Coaching

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