Motivational Speaker

The ultimate goal for my motivational speeches is to introduce new ideas and inspire a positive change among my listeners, whether it’s a change in their mindset, lifestyle and everyday actions, their organisation, or a bigger change in our society. I love to engage an audience and grab their attention by driving home a specific talking point through the storytelling process.

I have spent time learning and reflecting on my personal experiences, especially those that have profoundly affected my perceptions of the human experience - especially those around mindset, goal setting and the power of the unconscious mind.

The ups and downs involved in leaving my home country to pursue my career and the challenges I have experienced, I view as lessons and opportunities to grow. My stories involve tales of healing and growth, that help my listeners gain perspective for their own negative experiences and feel inspired to change their current situation.

My goal is to guide people to inspire a change in attitude, take action in their life or business and create lasting transformation.

Let’s work together to create that change!


Whether it’s learning about the incredible power of goal setting, living with purpose or how to build resilience, I speak to groups of professionals and students about the power of mindset, setting goals and visualising your desired outcomes.

Inspiration Through Storytelling

My story of how I came from a family who didn’t foster self love or self belief and actually instilled the opposite. Of how I became a singer of opera, who overcame my fear of performing to go on and win a major singing competition, move to Germany and maintain a career and be a single Mother of two amazing children. I tell how I learned to be persistent, determined and resilient in order to achieve my goals and fulfill my dreams of being an international opera singer.

The lessons I learned that brought me to the realisation that I needed to believe in myself and that my dream was possible, are worth sharing and will speak to anyone who has had a dream to be somewhere or achieve something. You can achieve anything you want if you believe it to be possible.

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