The day that you decide that you will do anything to reach your dreams or pay any price, is the day you will succeed.

Are you willing to put in the work? To stare at your inadequacies and know that you are a work in progress? I have the identity of a learner and it always helps me to move forward. If you practice, push yourself, fight through boredom and really pursue mastery, you can become the best. Rather than listen to the negative voice in your head who tells you that you’re not good at something or you can’t do that, always add YET to the end of the sentence. Rather than value being good at something, value the pursuit of greatness. Saying and knowing that you’re not good at something yet, will not hurt your self esteem, but create momentum to move forward in the direction of what you pursue. Remember that you are a learner and as a human, the ultimate adaptation machine. Apply yourself, do something over and over again and it will become easier over time.

The price I paid for pursuing my dream was to leave everything I knew and move to a foreign country. I arrived not really knowing the language (yet) but knew that where I was going would herald the beginning of my international career as a singer. At the beginning I was not able to express myself fully and this was at the very least, uncomfortable. Every conversation felt superficial and I experienced frustration trying to make myself understood. These are common feelings when first learning any new language. But I knew if I used every opportunity to speak German, I would simply have to improve.

In Germany children start learning to speak and understand English often from the first year of primary or elementary school. Wherever I could, I would speak in my broken German, fumbling my way through sentences. I would courageously approach someone and before I had uttered a complete sentence, or even a few words, my generous ‘gespräch partner’ would jump in and start speaking perfect English with me. Always looking very pleased that they had rescued me from further embarrassment. With persistence,I would continue to speak German until they realised that I wasn’t going to back down. They soon realised that I, in fact, did not want to be rescued and that they would have to practice their English on someone else. By practicing, pushing myself and repeating this process over and over, my German became easier and effortless.

Our potential IS limitless and those limits that exist are created by us alone.